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Our Yield Farming Tokens reward holders in Ethereum Dividends

EVE Tokenomics:

Token Address
Added after launch
Initial Supply
Initial Burn
Initial Price
Transaction Tax
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The Eversify Yield Farming Protocol

The EVE Yield Farming protocol reinvests the transaction tax in a diversified group of hand-picked liquidity pools across multiple blockchains. Holders of the EVE token will be provided consistent dividends, paid in Ethereum, from the highest yielding pools in the cryptocurrency space.

These major cryptocurrencies should be regarded as environmentally friendly, efficient and using Proof of Stake. In order to qualify as a “major cryptocurrency pairing” the tokens must have:

  1. CoinMarketCap listings with full project information, a website, KYC, audits, etc.
  2. Market Capitalization greater than $750,000,000 over a two week period.
  3. A history of more than 6 months.

Yield Farming Wallet Address:


The Current E-Dividend Distribution Cycle

(will begin 1 week after launch)

Time left in Designated Buy-In Period

The E-Dividend Distribution Cycle

We follow a recurring process called the E-Dividend Distribution Cycle to determine when E-Dividends are to be paid out, and who is eligible for the E-Dividends in question.

There are 3 distinct phases to the E-Dividend Distribution Cycle and they are as follows:
Designated Buy-In Period
During the Designated Buy-In Period all Eversify tokens purchased and held until after the Designated Buy-In Period concludes become eligible for the upcoming round of E-Dividends. This includes tokens that were purchased before the Designated Buy-In Period began, and were held until after it concluded. The Designated Buy-In Period begins on Friday at 17:00 EST and ends on Monday at 16:59 EST. A snapshot of all Eversify Token holders and their corresponding holdings is taken at 17:00 EST on Monday. This snapshot marks the end of the Designated Buy-In Period.
Trading Period
The next phase is the Trading Period, where the yield farming wallet is invested in a group of hand-picked liquidity pools across multiple blockchains for roughly 12 days. The purpose of this trading is to transfer the accumulated transfer tax from the yield farming wallet to the highest yielding liquidity pools. This period lasts from the Monday concluding the Designated Buy-In Period at 17:01 EST until the 2nd Friday at 11:59 EST. At 12:00 EST a snapshot of all the eligible wallets, and their holdings is taken again, and the number of tokens they hold (up to a maximum of the tokens they held when the Designated Buy-In Period ended) will be used to determine the size of their E-Dividend.
Distribution Period
During the Distribution period, all eligible wallets will have their dividends sent to our Dividend Storage Smart Contract, where they can withdraw said E-Dividends on the Eversify App. This will allow investors the ability to pick and choose when to withdraw their dividends based on factors such as current Liquidity Provider (gas) fees, and the size of their accumulated dividends. Dividends left in this wallet will simply accumulate until the investor chooses to withdraw them.

This process will begin on the second Friday since the current cycle began at 12:01 EST and will end at 16:59 EST on the same friday. At 17:00 EST the process resets and the next Designated Buy-In Period begins.

Meet the Team

Shawn Edwards

Managing Partner Lake@Eversify.net

Diane Mccoy

Managing Partner Akira@Eversify.net

Soham Alexander

Managing Partner Bismarck@Eversify.net

Floyd Simmmons

Managing Partner Xeno@Eversify.net

The Team will DOXX themselves to the Public once the EVE Token hits USD $50,000,000. Market Cap: “Will begin tracking once token is released”.

est 2021

What is Eversify

Eversify is a token that aims to generate Ethereum as a form of passive compensation (which we refer to as the "E-Dividend") for its investors. When you purchase EVE, the size of your position dictates the size of your claim on the Ethereum paid out to all eligible investors bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks).

These E-Dividends are generated by the reinvestment of investors 5% transaction tax, which is taken as Ethereum and sent to our Multi-Signature yield farming wallet, where the accumulated tax is reinvested based on an actively managed group of liquidity pools across mutliple blockchains (more on this below). After a two week period, we take the profit over principle out of the mandate, and distribute it amongst our eligible investors as Ethereum.

The goal here at Eversify is to bring real utility to the token space. It is our belief that we have found a business model for cryptocurrency where the value of our token can be quantified by investors because of the assets held in the underlying yield farming wallet in relation to the token's price.

We also believe that Eversify will ultimately disrupt the financial sector and create a new generation of wealth as it will reward early holders with massive bi-weekly payouts that were purchased when EVE was in its infancy.

The current crypto market has become enamored with hype projects that routinely over promise and under deliver. The result? Tokens whose value is entirely derived off the hype they generate. But when that hype dies, so does the token, leaving all its remaining investors with a fraction of their initial investment and no real reason to hold long term.

Our solution? To create a token backed by the assets it invests for its holders. The size of your position in EVE determines the size of your payout in Ethereum. So in the event our token’s price is falling and someone asks, why buy the dip? You can say: "Because I get more EVE for less, which means a larger portion of the ETH Dividends for less… its that simple."

Here are some of the steps our team has taken to help build trust with our investors:

  • Our team is fully third party KYC'd and holds 0 tokens.
  • Our yield farming wallet address is public and the current allocation of funds will be available on our dashboard, along with past performance reports.
  • Our OTC wallet ensures that whales are satisfied while keeping volatility to a minimum.
  • Our project is fully audited by TechRate.

Roadmap V1

How to Buy Eversify Tokens

Follow these steps to buy the tokens

Install MetaMask for Chrome:

Open your Google Chrome and visit MetaMask.IO. Download the MetaMask chrome extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask's app for iPhone or Android.

Send Ethereum to Metamask:

Transfer ETH to your new MetaMask wallet from your existing wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet, Coinbase, or Binance), or buy ETH directly within MetaMask.

Go to Uniswap:

Go to Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Swap your Ethereum for Eversify Tokens :

Select Ethereum in the upper drop down menu and copy paste the address of the Eversify Token you wish to purchase in the lower drop down menu to swap. You will require a minimum slippage of 5% as this is the transaction fee on Eversify tokens. If you are experiencing issues, try increasing the slippage slowly to avoid front runners and/or transacting in round numbers (ie. Change 126,345,467,904 to 126,300,000,000).

You will eventually be able to buy, sell, track and collect your E-Dividends from the app on our Website.

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