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The E-Dividend Distribution Cycle

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We are the Flagship of Fund tokens.

est 2021

What is Eversify

We are a company that will be releasing a collection of Fund Tokens that base their returns on risk.

For example, when we release the $EVE.lowrisk Fund Token and people purchase said token, their returns are connected to a wallet that is investing based on a low-risk strategy.

Our first token to be released however, is the Eversify Company Token ($EVE). It will also collect E-Dividends by taking 10% of the profit from each of the Fund Tokens and redistributing it to holders. Additionally, holders of the Company Token will eventually have voting rights based on the size of their holdings.


The ultimate goal here at Eversify is to eventually establish ourselves as the largest crypto fund company by the dollar value of our assets under management.

Even though this is a lofty goal, we believe that in the young and quickly developing financial market that is cryptocurrency, there is a real opportunity to grow with it.

Token’s crashing because investors see no real long-term investment opportunity. Currently tokens and their communities promote HODL for no other reason than potential capital gains & Automated Rewards Farmed (ARF) token returns.

Since these ARF returns are in the token itself they carry little long term value, and are costly to realize as actual income due to gas fees. So…

A move away from Automated Rewards Farming, and a move towards Ethereum based dividends, which we call “E-Dividends”. Instead of paying the holder in Tokens, what if, on a set interval you were paid a Dividend in Ethereum.

You would A, no longer have to worry about gas fees to realize your income. B, make a return in a currency that is far more stable (and frankly, valuable) than the tokens you are invested in. C, make those returns in the 2nd largest cryptocurrency (by market cap) on the planet & D, still be able to partake in potential capital gains (increase in token price).

The Company Token

The Company Token will be the first token we release to the public.

Like Fund Tokens, it will collect E-Dividends for eligible Company Token holders. However, unlike fund tokens, it will collect its E-Dividends by taking 10% of the profits from each of the fund token wallets profits.

Additionally, the Company Tokens will eventually carry voting rights.

Tokenomics :

Ticker: $EVE
Initial Supply: 10,000,000,000
Initial Burn: 0
Initial Price: 0.0001035294118
Transaction Tax: 3%

Brand logo
Brand logo

The Fund Tokens

A fund token takes a % of your transaction tax as Ethereum (instead of tokens) and puts it into a fund wallet. This fund wallet is invested back into other tokens, crypto currencies, etc. and the profits are redistributed to eligible holders as Ethereum on a set date at a set interval, then the process resets, allowing new investors to participate in the next round of Ethereum distributions.

Tokenomics :

Ticker: $EVE.(Insert Name Here)
Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Initial Burn: 0
Initial Price: TBD
Transaction Tax: 3%

The E-Dividend Distribution Cycle

We follow a recurring process called the E-Dividend Distribution Cycle to determine when E-Dividends are to be paid out, and who is eligible for the E-Dividends in question.

There are 4 distinct phases to the E-Dividend Distribution Cycle and they are as follows:

● The Designated Buy-In Period: During this phase all Eversify tokens purchased and held until after the Designated Buy-In Period are eligible for the next round of E-Dividends. This includes tokens that were purchased before the Designated Buy-In Period began, and were held until after it finished. The Designated Buy-In Period begins on Friday at 17:00 EST and ends on Monday at 16:59 EST. A snapshot of all Eversify Token Holders and their corresponding holdings is taken at 17:00 EST on Monday. This snapshot marks the end of the Designated Buy-In Period.

The next phase is the Trading Period, where the fund wallets are actively managed by the fund manager for roughly 12 days. The purpose of this trading is to turn a profit over principle which is where the E-Dividends come from. This period lasts from Monday at 17:01 EST until the following Friday at 11:59 EST. At 12:00 EST a snapshot of all the eligible wallets holdings is taken again, and the amount of tokens they hold (up to a maximum of the tokens they held when the Designated Buy-In Period ended) will be used to determine the wallet’s E-Dividend.

The next phase is the E-Dividend Distribution, where wallets will receive their E-Dividends. This begins on Friday at 12:01 EST and ends at 16:59 EST on the same Friday.

At 17:00 process resets and the next Designated Buy-In period commences.

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We are

Enthusiastic Individuals working for extraordinary people.

Shawn Edwards


Diane Mccoy


Soham Alexander


Floyd Simmmons



Know About

Frequently Asked Questions

The fund tokens will be connected to a fund wallet that follows a specific risk-adjusted investment strategy. You can see the general risk tolerance of the token’s fund wallet by looking at the info on the right side of the period. E.g. The $EVE.lowrisk fund token will be attached to a wallet that invests in a low-risk investing mandate. While the fund tokens receive a portion of their bi-weekly profits solely from their associated fund wallet, the company token will take 10% of each fund wallet profit bi-weekly which will be distributed to company token holders. In addition to this, holders of the company token will have voting rights on key future business decisions.
Eversify tokens can be purchased on Uniswap. You can search up the $EVE token you wish to purchase, or manually enter the contract via copy - paste.
Eversify strives to prove it is not a rugpull through the efforts we have taken to be as transparent as possible inside and outside our community. Early transaction buy limits, vested presale and team tokens, 100% locked liquidity for 1-year on initial launch, audited contract, and KYC’d team, are just a few of the steps the Eversify team has taken to give our holders peace of mind.
If you purchased your $EVE tokens after a Designated Buy-In period closed, then they will not be eligible for the upcoming E-Dividend distribution. Additionally, if you purchased your tokens during the Designated Buy-In Period, but sold them before the Snapshot at 12:00 EST on the Friday of the E-Dividend Distribution then you will not receive a payout.
We do not burn tokens because we have adjusted our supply to the level we want, and therefore we do not believe we need to burn tokens after launch. Burn-like events will occur when whales sell OTC and their tokens are put in the OTC wallet, effectively taking them out of circulation
The Company Token has a reduced supply since it will eventually have voting rights (10,000,000 tokens = one vote), and we do not want people monopolizing the voting process.

Roadmap for the Remainder of 2021


Team member
Team member
Team member

How to:

Buy Eversify Tokens

Follow these steps to buy the tokens

    ■ Step 1: Install MetaMask for Chrome:
  • Open your Google Chrome and visit MetaMask.IO. Download the MetaMask chrome extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android.

  • ■ Step 2: Send Ethereum to Metamask:
  • Transfer $ETH to your new MetaMask wallet from your existing wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet, Coinbase, or Binance), or buy $ETH directly within MetaMask.

  • ■ Step 3: Go to Uniswap:
  • Go to Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet.

  • ■ Step 4: Swap your Ethereum for your Eversify Token of choice:
  • Select Ethereum in the upper drop down menu, and copy paste the address of the Eversify Token you wish to purchase in the lower drop down menu to swap. You will require a minimum slippage of 3%, as this is the transaction fee on Eversify tokens. If you are experiencing issues, try increasing the slippage slowly to avoid front runners and/or transacting in round numbers (ie. Change 126,345,467,904 to 126,300,000,000).

Coming Soon

Eversify’s Company Token will be released sometime this July, follow our socials to stay up to date on its upcoming release and the future releases of Eversify Fund Tokens.

Coming Soon

Eversify’s Company Token will be released sometime this July, follow our socials to stay up to date on its upcoming release and the future releases of Eversify Fund Tokens.

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